My time with Delta Educare has been so fruitful. Thanks to the entire team for your fabulous support.

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The whole process of applying to study abroad had seemed so complex at the start, but when I got to Delta Educare, it was so simple and hassle-free thanks to [...]

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Delta Educare guided me to score well in PTE test and also found the most suitable course in the most suitable institution in Australia. They have a great team to [...]

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The instructors and the counselors at Delta Educare are experienced, smart and friendly. They helped me to score 7.5 in IELTS and then helped me find a good amount of [...]

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Upon referral of one of my friends in Canada, I visited Delta Educare. I was first uncertain about which course I should study and also worried about my financial status, [...]

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The counselors at Delta are like your family members. They care for every student, respond to every minor query and are always cheerful. At the same time, they are honest, [...]

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Great IELTS preparation, great counseling service, Delta Educare is a name you can count on. Cheers.

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I highly recommend Delta Educare to everyone looking to study abroad. From IELTS preparation to visa processing to the UK, I received outstanding support from the team.

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I am so glad that I chose Delta Educare for counseling and visa processing. The team at Delta Educare are highly professional. Through their guidance, the cumbersome task of documentation [...]

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