Explore the possibilities! Delta Educare is committed to providing the best guidance and helping students to explore their potential for better life. We believe in integrative education that goes beyond the mere reproductive education and explores speculative knowledge. We focus on the approaches to develop critical thinking, analytical power and creativity of our students that are availed with a unique atmosphere and ultramodern facilities. Our vision is to effort for uplifting Nepalese community to international standard, as we believe that inequality in opportunity has created social injustice, discrimination and polarization in globe and that can be only possible after proper guidance to Nepalese younger generation to adopt appropriate education.

Our mission is to provide quality services to Nepalese youngsters by applying very modern and highly technological methods in the fields of test preparation, visa orientation, study abroad solution, global cultural exchange and educational research.

Our goal is to establish Delta Educare as a leading education consultancy by effort in producing qualified manpower that is competent in 21st century’s highly competitive global market and capable to create a new Nepal.

Why Delta Educare?

  • Comprehensive Counseling

  • First Hand Information

  • Accreditations

  • Above-Average Test Results

  • High Visa Success

Contact Info

2nd Floor, BBC Bhawan, Chipledhunga GPO Box 599, Pokhara 33700 NEPAL

Phone: +977 61 589853

Mobile: +977 9806777053

Web: www.delta.edu.np