We learn that living costs to be demonstrated for student visas have gone up. Currently, the living costs to be shown for primary applicant is $24,505 AUD. However, effective from 10th May, 2024, it will increase to $29,710 AUD. Likewise, living costs to be shown for applicant’s spouse and children will also increase. Please note that students have the option to demonstrate annual income of their sponsors instead of available funds, which will also rise from the current $ 84,543 AUD per year to $102,500 AUD per year.

The increase in the financial requirements for international students in Australia is a significant change that will impact prospective students. While it may pose challenges, it is essential to view this change in the context of enhanced financial security and support during your educational journey in Australia. With careful planning, financial aid opportunities, and responsible budgeting, international students can meet these new requirements and continue to benefit from Australia’s world-class education system and vibrant multicultural environment.