Why should I apply through Delta when I could apply on my own?

Sure. The one big reason for you to come to us is that you would maximize your chances of success and be completely assured of having made the right decision based on your capabilities. Visa documentation and meeting the admission requirement part is very crucial and by opting for our services one can avoid costly and uncorrectable errors. We constantly strive to maintain and improve the reliability and quality of our services. We offer a gamut of course options for both beginners and professionals to acquire, develop, up-grade their knowledge and skills. We offer personal guidance and expertise at all stages of procedure. Our counselors provide comprehensive information, care and support for the educational opportunities and also help students to develop the skills needed for admission. We study each case individually via personal contact with the student or the parents and recommend the most appropriate college, university and programs corresponding to the desires, ability, motivation and vocation of each student. We provide guidance for educational loans, Scholarships and Learn & Earn options in some of the countries. We also offer pre-departure briefings, assistance for travel arrangements and post arrival preparation.